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Brian Howell

Lead Curriculum Developer

Brian Howell is the Lead Curriculum Developer for The elai Project. Howell is responsible for designing and creating universally designed curriculum for employees of the various organizations thatThe elai Project supports. He says he likes the challenge of teaching a wide range of students who come to the curriculum with varied levels of education. Brian’s experience has itself been varied, teaching philosophy, writing, arts and humanities, and biomedical ethics.

Howell has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Georgia, preceded by a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of South Florida. He taught most recently at the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida Honors College concurrently. Howell also taught at Hillsborough Community College and the University of Georgia.

After ten years in academia, Howell was looking for a change from traditional curricula. He is a self admitted problem solver, and enjoys writing and research. The elai Project was a great fit for Howell. Working on The elai Project Howell is able to apply a variety of disciplines to create accessible curriculum. Cutting edge curriculum suits Howell who has said, “I am happiest when I am treading on new ground, creating solutions to problems that many do not yet know exist.”

Howell believes that big problems are solved by informed, reasoned discussion, and has confidence that projects like The elai Project are part of a larger, much needed conversation.

In the next year Howell plans to spend time researching best practices in curriculum for universal design and creating curricula that students want to interact with.