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How is The elai Project?

The goal of The elai Projec is to give disabled people full access to all public and social goods, with a respectful and effective accommodations process, leading to the maximum number of persons instilled with accurate knowledge about disabilities and empowered to ensure disabled persons are accommodated.

Paradigm shift

The elai Project represents a paradigm shift in the way that social goods organizations provide accommodations. Focused on equalizing access for disabled persons, the net result is a more inclusive organization that better serves all patrons, clients, patients and customers.

Meaningful change

With a four part program comprised of education, participation, information and support, or EPIS, The elai Project is based on the premise that no meaningful change in disability accommodations can come without each of these aspects.

  • Without education, employees of affected organizations will not see the need for accommodations for disabled persons, nor will they be able to properly implement accommodations.
  • Without participation of those employees and the disabled persons they seek to accommodate, accommodations do not occur.
  • Without information, in the form of potential funding sources, organizations cannot hope to implement accommodations.
  • And without support, in the form of needs assessment and implementation, many organizations will lack the internal structure to implement The elai Project.

EPIS for The elai Project

  1. Education – a research driven, universally designed, best practices curriculum to train employees about all aspects of disabilities, the ADA, the expectations of the law and what full access entails.
  2. Participation – a framework of benchmark and aspirational accommodations mandated by the ADA, a procedure for engaging in the interactive process of requesting and providing accommodations, and Department of Justice guidance regarding the accommodations process.
  3. Information – lists of potential funding sources for implementation of The elai Project within any given organization and information about the process of applying for funding.
  4. Support – fee based consulting for implementation support and guidance

By building in flexibility and ensuring that all facets are addressed, The elai Project is a comprehensive program designed to fully address accommodating disabled persons.

“No disability or dictionary out there, is capable of clearly defining who we are as a person. It’s only when we step out of that labeled box, that our abilities begin to be fully recognized, giving us a better definition of who we truly are as individuals.”
Robert M. Hensel