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What is The elai Project?

The goal of The elai Project is to give disabled people full access to all public and social goods, with a respectful and effective accommodations process, leading to the maximum number of persons instilled with accurate knowledge about disabilities and empowered to ensure disabled persons are accommodated.

So what the heck is The elai Project?

  • The elai Project is the perspective that all people have a right to access all public and social goods fully, regardless of ability or disability.
  • The elai Project believes that lack of access is not only unfair, but it is arbitrary and detrimental to our society.
  • The elai Project is a paradigm shift in how organizations accommodate disabled persons.
  • The elai Project is a four part program that organizations follow to accommodate disabled persons and give them full access to social goods.
  • The elai Project is customized to each specific organization, vis a vis think tanks involving staff and patrons/customers, a needs assessment and a tailored program.
  • The elai Project helps to ensure that organizations are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

And what happens next?

  • The elai Project promulgates a cultural shift through knowledge in various organizations.
  • The elai Project ensures that all employees of organizations know about disabilities.
  • The elai Project ensures that all employees of organizations know about the various accommodations for various disabilities.
  • The elai Project provides organization specific information tailored to specific needs of the business type.
  • The elai Project provides accommodations through its website.
  • The elai Project provides the code necessary for organizations to provide accommodations on their websites.
  • The elai Project creates new technologies that will work with the program to provide accommodations that do not yet properly exist.
  • The elai Project creates applications that do not currently exist and which need is just being discovered.
And disabled persons rejoiced. <yay> ?