Who is The elai Project? 2019-11-11T17:34:06+00:00

Who is The elai Project?

The goal of The elai Project is to give disabled people full access to all public and social goods, with a respectful and effective accommodations process, leading to the maximum number of persons instilled with accurate knowledge about disabilities and empowered to ensure disabled persons are accommodated.

To that end, we have assembled a great team working to makeThe elai Projec run. They come from all over the country, from a number of disciplines. Each team member is dedicated to ensuring that disabled people have full access to social goods and services.

Brenda Hart Neihouse, Director

Joni Neihouse, Art Director & Web Designer

Brian Howell, Head Curriculum Developer

Jeremy Oliver Miller, Director of Photography & Head Storyteller

Sara H. Noto, Graphic & Website Designer