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Joni Neihouse

Art Director

At 21, Joni Neihouse is the youngest member of The elai Project. She is also the reason the project was created. It was Ms. Neihouse’s inability to read paper books due to allergens that prompted her mother to approach the director of their local library for accommodations.

Graduated from high school, Joni Neihouse home schooled for the better part of her middle and high school career. Ms. Neihouse focuses on 3D modeling, Manga and all things Japanese, with an occasional foray into political science and American politics. Joni has also studied college level comparative politics, astronomy and math. Her goal (sometime in her twenties) is to get into a college that has a yearlong study abroad program in Japan, where she plans to visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Towards this goal, she occasionally studies the Japanese language.

Joni contributes to The elai Project as Art Director. She has aided in the overall concept and design of the animation for The elai Project’s first video, Inception, and her story is the subject of the video. Of being filmed, Joni stated that there was so much preparation, but then it went by so quickly. This is Joni’s first video appearance.

When Joni is not otherwise occupied, she works with Utau, Blender, Miku Miku Dance, and she spends copious amounts of time drawing. She likes to design clothing for her characters, and is currently writing a fan fiction.

In the next year, Joni plans to hang out with her feral cats, and do unspecified things to help The elai Project get off the ground.